Moody Thinking

“Let me ‘splain. No, there is too much. Let me sum up.” — Inigo Montoya


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Busy schedule of school and teaching = lack of blogging time and lack of the ability to organize my thoughts quickly and concisely. I hope to have some time to blog in the next couple of weeks. But here’s a quick list of what’s on my mind:

Love my family. Miss my family at times. Mandy handling a lot. Very thankful for her. Visiting churches. Getting involved with small groups. Old English. 17th Century Poetry. Rhetoric and Composition. Tutoring. Teaching. Tutoring. Teaching. Continental Philosophy and the current strand of post-postmodernism.

Savell turned 1 and has a very funny personality. Ollie really loves his little sister and playing chase all over the back yard.

The Braves will win the wild card. The Braves will not win the wild card. Auburn has a decent office and a terrible defense. They have a young team, so losing a few games is to be expected. The Colts will continue to be terrible without Peyton Manning.

Learning to manage my time and redeem every moment. Living on less… a lot less. Mowing the grass. Allergies. Trying to stay in some sort of shape. Knoxville has a lot of hills. Allergies.

The “abortion is genocide” people were on campus last week with their graphic signs. I have more to say about this approach, but I cannot for the life of me string together a coherent response.

This post serves as a quick glance into my head and as an opportunity to organize my thoughts. Thanks for reading. I hope to have a more cohesive thought to blog sometime soon.


Written by Jeff Moody

September 19, 2011 at 8:23 am

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